Our Work Process

Each project we take on is its own world, but all of them go through a predefined general set of phases. By following these steps, we manage to make the best use of our time, stay organized and deliver the exact product you wanted, and within the given deadlines.



Reviewing different accomplishment approaches.

Our goal in the first stage is to gather everyone involved and understand what precisely you wish to achieve, while also analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the project. All of this gives us the basis to start planning on how the project can be delivered.


Defining possible risks, cost and project requirements.

In this stage, we define the requirements of the project and estimate its cost. We also determine the possible risks that may appear and ways to solve them. We then define and document the project scope with all the necessary data to start the project.



Specifying appropriate technologies and documentation.

The most important thing that guides us is creating something that will be exactly like you imagined it. We keep your business and the general idea of the project in mind when choosing appropriate technologies which will help us achieve our sharing goal. This helps define overall system architecture.


Realizing a complete and functional software project.

In order to fulfill this stage successfully and deliver a working software project, we apply agile methodologies. Our work is divided into sprints and tasks, which we organize and approach through our own software developed for just such purposes, TicTol.


Quality Check

Evaluating and testing the developed system.

Quality assessment and evaluation is crucial in delivering the desired end product, which is why we pay special attention to this step. QA is conducted as the last step to review the final product, but it is also conducted during development to make sure everything is running smoothly.